Natural Color - Straight Hair

Choose a natural wig from Touch of Bliss if you want to look as natural as possible when wearing one. Our human hair wigs are extremely realistic in appearance and feel. They are slightly more expensive than other wigs, but they are also more lasting.

Natural human hair wigs by TBBH
Hair extension sizes and variants

lenghths and textures

If you are new to extensions, we are here to guide you through. Email us or Call 501-454-3162.
Our hair lengths are different with the texture, it is important to know the kind of look you want to achieve before purchase. The texture and curl pattern will remain in the hair unless you straighten with 400° heat, there is no guarantee the structure will return to the original pattern. All of our hair can be bleached and colored while maintaining the soft silky touch.

We have what you need

Our hair will move with you head, no shedding, maintainable. Long lasting and a quick fix for a bad hair day. You can have our quality hair products shipped directly to your door, an experience the excitement of TBB Hair culture.